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Thursday, April 11, 2013


Last Wednesday (April 10,2013) i tried to call the DOST-SEI office in Taguig City and inquire about the requirements for Final Clearance and the girl who answered the phone(forgot her name, but she’s very accommodating) told me that I need to submit the LOI and COE through email, fax or to their office.
At the very same day I faxed all the requirements then call them again to ensure that they received it.

Today, I call the office again to follow-up the status of my request and the in-charge told me that it’s for signature and told me to call again on Monday. Since I can’t go there personally to claim my request, he said I just need an authorization letter.
I’m so excited!!!!

Tel No. (02)839-0083
Fax No. (02)839-0086


  1. Hi, if I will email the requirements, what's the email address of DOST sei? Thanks :)

    1. hi! this is the email address po! seischolarships@gmail.com :)np

  2. Replies
    1. Hi! did u get ur cleareance na? :)

    2. Hi Sorry for replying late... yes! I didn't even went to the office of DOST because I'm quite busy,, then to my surprise, DOST mailed the clearance to my home address without me even requesting it to be mailed. So no more hassle for me.. #soconvenient hehe...

  3. I will fly all the way from Mindanao to Luzon to get my FINAL CLEARANCE on the 21st of October... Ayie excited much!!!

  4. To secure your final clearance, call (02)837-1333 for information.
    First requirement, a letter to the DOST-SEI Director requesting for a final clearance.

    Once you receive your final clearance documents, I went out and supply these govt agencies copies of the clearance.

    To share my experience (Jan. 2015) here are some updated tips:

    1) At NBI main (UN and Taft Avenue), proceed to Visitor’s entrance and tell the guard that you need to go to GSD (general services division) to submit a DOST scholarship document. DON’T ever mention the word “clearance”, this is their trigger word to direct you to the NBI clearance center. Once they give you a visitor’s pass (bring a govt ID with you), they will direct you to go to the 3rd floor where the GSD office can be found.

    2) At the DFA new building (ASEANA complex near MOA), go to gate 3. Then go to Door 5. Then go to Passport division. Tell the guard to direct you to the receiving staff for DOST clearance submission.

    3) For DFA and NBI, make sure you acquire a stamped “received” copy from the receiving staff. This is your only proof that you already submitted the final clearance to these agencies. Do not forget to bring at least 2 government issued IDs with you.

    There is no need to submit your clearance to Bureau of Immigration. Just to be sure (if asked by the Immigration officer), bring your clearance documents when going out of the country.

    Good luck!