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Wednesday, April 24, 2013


Got my final clearance today at the DOST-SEI Region XI office. and it only took me 15mins :) because i don't need to waste time in filling-up all the forms (tracer, bio-data, request form), got them downloaded from dost-sei site fill them up already before going to the regional office! voila ready to be submitted!

The in-charge ( Sir Ramel) only gave me two letters (1) For NBI (2) Certification, so i paused for a while and was wondering why 2 only?it's supposed to be 4 letters. so i ask the in-charge why 2 letters only? he said that they don't need to give me the letters intended for DFA and BI coz they will be the one to submit it and request to the two offices to lift my name from the watchlist. well good for me, i could save time and money.

He also reminded me to always bring my certification if i want to travel to other countries.

OK ok! yohooo time for me to process my passport :)

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